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tisdag 24 januari 2012

Some pictures from the archives

I found some pictures I wanna share, I´m not the photographer, but I hope it's ok anyway. Take care of eachother out there, and we'll be seeing ya...

onsdag 28 december 2011

Yet another gold record for Dan Magnusson

Seasick Steves album "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" has sold over 100 000 copies which has gained Steve and his drummer Dan Magnusson and bassist John Paul Jones a gold record. The gold record arrived at Dan's home a couple of days after christmas eve. It will be a nice add to Dans collection of gold och platinum records. Below's a picture of Dan Magnusson with his new gold record.

Dan with his gold record for a 100 000 copies sold of
"You can't teach an old dog new tricks".

Dan Magnusson honored by merchants

Seasick Steve drummer Dan Magnusson was honored by the merchants of his hometown, Åmål, in Sweden on sunday november 27th at a ceremony at the square. A couple of years ago he also reciewed the cityäs cultural prize as well as the Blues Fest Award. Below you see a couple of pictures from the event.
Dan waiting for the ceremony to start. On the right his faithful companion Cato.
The merchants chairman, Roar, held a little speech.
Dan reciews the award from the merchants chairman Roar.
Dan enjoys the applause from the crowd.

tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Dan the man in Karlstad

Today me and Jeanette went to Karlstad to visit my old friend Kjell at the restaurant Terrassen at Mariebergsskogen. We had a superb meal and a nice chat with Kjell. If you're in Karlstad, Sweden, and wanna get something really good to eat - Terrassen is the place.
Leaving Terrassen we headed for Slagverkskompaniet in Karlstad. The number one drum shop in Scandinavia. Nice place with good service, low prices and everything you can wish for. It's like a Toys'R'us for drummers. You can order online as well as visit the store in Karlstad, Sweden. You'll find their site at www.slagverkskompaniet.se
In a couple of days I'll be back on the road again with Seasick Steve, John Paul Jones and the gang.

See you around! /Dan

Jeanette drove as a get away-driver. But we survived.
Looking for the car at the parking place. I know where I parked it... I think!
Ready to make noise again.
The little drummer boy practising.

From me to you

As a lot of other musicians I know that fashion and style is important. And as a lot of other musicians I don't give a damn. That's why I'll share these little portraits with you. Please don't scare your children with 'em. have a nice day. /Dan

I love my new hat.

Look out Buckethead!

A friend dropped by...

A couple of days ago one of my friends, Dan Viktor, a swedish singer/songwriter extraordinaire came to us and stayed for a few days. On the picture down below he's posing in front of his latest ride, the car t.i.

Dan and the Volvo.

söndag 31 juli 2011

Seasick Steve & Papa Dan att Kutens in Sweden

On midsummer this year Seasick Steve and Dan Magnusson played at Kutens Bensin on Fårö in Sweden. Kutens Bensin is a heaven on earth for everyone who's in to american cars and culture. It's impossible to imagine what a fantastic place it is unless you've been there. I'm going back in the future, that's for sure. Below you'll find some pictures from our stay at Kutens.
Take care now


Don't you dare miss it... that's marketing at it's best.

Steve outside Kutens Bensin.

A refrigirator grave yard... That's a first, fo me at least.

What a wonderful place it is.

Steve on the stairs.

I love what you've done to this place.

The landscape was harsch

Sun sets over Kutens Bensin.